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TV Watching is Fun again with Sensy Remote!

Watching TV is such a chore these days isn’t it? Reruns, ad breaks, aimless surfing to still not find what you want (was that channel number 354 or 453?). Well, the good folks at Sensy Remote are changing all that and making TV viewing fun and easy again!

Dolphin Dives is thrilled to share our experience with this revolutionary new product. The fundamental premise is simple and easy to go along with – TV viewing should be about the content. It should be easy to find what you want and then simply watch it. The discovery process should not be about remembering channel numbers and pressing up and down keys on your remote endlessly with half the screen covered with set-top box feed.

Sensy Home and App

So all you need is a small box that you place in the living/TV room and the Sensy app. Nothing else changes. Same TV, same set-top box and same sofa to watch from! The app speaks to the Sensy box via Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and the Sensy box speaks to your existing set-top box via infra-red, just like your current remote does.

All I had to do was open the box and turn it on. It automatically scans for the cable service provider on the set-top box and syncs up with it. The app shows you the service provider name – say Tata Sky or Airtel or a local player.



Now it’s all about Discovery. You can search for content based on channel or language or genre or even just voice out what you want.

The proof of the pudding…. as soon as I turned it on, my daughter clicked on the mike and said ‘Harry Potter!’. The channel immediately changed to Warner Brothers (WB) where Deathly Hallows was playing. Needless to say, the TV wasn’t mine for the next couple of hours.


The app has a main tab showing whats playing on each channel and recent channels you viewed. Click a show and see all the details about it and more online resources – videos, Facebook page, etc. A Channel tab where you can scroll through all the channels in each genre and filter basis language also. Like in the image below, it will also tell you a channel is on an ad break. How cool is that!

The Specials tab is hand-picked shows to highlight quality content that’s available for viewing.

Sensy’s aim is to bring to you the best of content that is available online. So when you are watching your favourite  TV show, you may want to know more about it or the topic. Use the ad break to catch a quick YouTube video on it through the Videos tab.

Main Tab
Channel Tab
Specials Tab
Video Tab











Channel Schedule
Choosing Cable Operator
When I said “Cricket”










Overall the app is really easy to use – just touch the program and the channel changes on TV. The box, like I mentioned, requires no installation or change to your existing set-top box or TV. The TV may be a smart TV or a regular TV. And if you still enjoy a number keypad, you can have that too at the click of an icon and punch in your channel number like you would on the remote.

TV is Fun Again

I have been playing around with this new toy for about a week and it genuinely brings the pleasure back to TV viewing. I can see all the schedules quickly, change channels with a tap or by voice, discover whats playing where and schedule work around ad breaks.

Frankly apart from home, I feel this is such a portable product (just a small black box) that the real utility can come even outside your home.

If you are a business traveler, imagine this: walk into a new hotel room, turn on the Sensy box, open the app, say ‘Cricket’ and instantly watch the channel change to the last few overs of an IPL match. No need to know which channel number, no need to painfully scroll through each channel till you find what you want.

Take it anywhere – holidays, friends place, hotels.

Kudos to Team Sensara for a wonderful product and look forward to more and more new features like parental controls and of course an iOS app.

Check out their quick demo here:

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