Podcast IndiaStartupChat hits home

Startup, Startup everywhere these days, right? All forms of media and of course social media is focused on bringing to you the latest, newest, craziest startup in town. It’s information overload especially online.

Breaking through this clutter is a very simple but effective podcast that brings three respected professionals together and lets us listen in on their chats about the Indian Startup space.

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Titled “IndiaStartupChat”, it is currently available on   SoundCloud and is about 5 episodes down. A new episode comes out every Thursday. (Finally something to fill the slot left empty by Sarah Koenig and the Serial podcast team!)



What works here is multiple things.

One is obviously the expertise of the speakers. They are well-known, genuinely involved in and impacting the start-up space. They touch upon a variety of facets of startups like people, funding, investments, tech and the ecosystem. You can read up on Lakshmi Rebecca, Ravi Gururaj and Mukund Mohan to understand why this is a set of people you would want to hear from in this space.

Two is the friendly discussion format so it’s easy to listen to and never gets boring. The group obviously has a great working vibe and camaraderie and respect for each other’s views.

Thirdly the chat is for about 20-30 min so its perfect for when you are commuting or waiting for a flight or meeting and you can finish it in one shot. The chat itself covers multiple topics quickly with a couple of regular features like Startup of the Week so it always keeps you hooked.


And lastly but most importantly, it is not an attempt to paint a rosy picture of the startup world. The chat comes across as a very honest discussion between 3 friends/professionals and sometimes views converge and sometimes they diverge adding flavor to the chat.

So go listen, learn and enjoy!

You can also check them out on Facebook and follow them on twitter as a podcast @instartupchat or individually @lakshmirebecca @mukundmohan and @ravigururaj

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