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Library At Home A Mess? Try Libib!

Library of books at home is a little piece of heaven on earth. Yet, book lovers often find themselves in a spot. For the love of reading, they just keep buying books. One fine day they realize that the bookshelf is overflowing and that they have no idea how big their collection actually is. To make matters worse, they might well have started off with an informal lending library of sorts, with friends and family borrowing books. Figuring out who’s taken what and what’s come back into the collection or not becomes a headache. If you are faced with such a situation and cataloging seems like a Mount Everest that you don’t want to climb, Libib is the perfect solution for you.

That’s how I went from Before to After!

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Library Collections Kept Simple

Library App

Libib is a cloud-based cataloging app and website that helps you to quickly catalog not just your books, but also other collections like movies, music, video games. The service caters to both a small personal collection as well as small library organizations, even your office book collection. Cataloging has always been one of the biggest pains for home and commercial library owners. You might have tried making a neat hand-written list or data-entering into a spreadsheet, only to lose steam pretty quickly. Libib steps in to ease that pain and helps you keep your love of books or other collections going smoothly. Libib simplifies cataloging and makes it look so simple you will fall in love with it.

Library Cataloging Features

What makes Libib a blessing for the book lovers? Here is a rundown of the main features that will surely have you checking out the app for more.

Library Management: Libib helps users to manage up to 100,000 books through the creation of up to 100 libraries of their own. Oh, this must surely mean data entry of some sorts, you may feel. Here is where Libib scores as a cataloging app.

Barcode Scanning and automatic information retrieval: It allows you to scan the ISBN/UPC barcode of the item and automatically pulls up its cover page and pertinent information. You can even search for this information by manually entering the name or ISBN. Given that stores tend to stick their own labels over the ISBN and sully it, manual entry option helps.

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Backup: Cloud storage apart, if you feel like taking a backup of your library catalog, it is very easy. The app supports easy exports in CSV format for backup storage which you can utilize for any other input.

Publishing: The app allows users to publish their libraries with other users. You can even add reviews to make it more interesting.

Tags and Notes: This is the age of tags and social media works with tags. Libib is no less and allows users to create tags for their items and also add notes to convey messages.

Access from Anywhere: Libib makes your library truly mobile and global. You can access it from anywhere, at any time. The fact that it also has multiple access points like a website which is also mobile friendly or is available in app form, makes it more accessible.

Apart from what’s mentioned above, Libib also supports many other features like lending support, editing the information, and multi-user management. It also provides you useful statistics that can provide insights into your buying and reading habits. We also figured out we had multiple copies of some books. The app alerts you when you scan the same ISBN again- you can store as 2 copies. The extra copy is now a happy donation to the neighbourhood lending library.

So now I have all my book in categories and my kids are busy scanning their books into their own online library too. Library Business Library Categories

Other Options for your Library

A few other book cataloging apps, similar to Libib are iBookshelf, Libri, and Bookcrawler. While Libib comes to you free for the web, iOS, and Android platforms, the others are a paid service. Libib too offers a paid service of Libib Pro if you need advanced features to manage your library.

Libri is the most basic among the choices and does not have the barcode scanning or lending tracking features. Another point to note is that all three Libri, Bookcrawler and iBookshelf are available on iTunes and meant for specific device variants of Apple the iPhone, iPad, or iPod etc.

All in all, when you consider availability across all kinds of platforms and ease of use, Libib seems to be the first choice. It helps that it is also free.

Have you tried getting your collection organised? Let us know how it went!


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