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Summer holidays have begun! It’s time for school break, family vacations and lots of travel! Klook is your best bet to save as you travel this summer! Keep this app handy to discover things to do and beat the queues.

Travel-related apps are aplenty – ranging from a simple airline specific app to manage your flights, to trip planner apps like Google Trips to local guide maps and city tour guide apps. More than all these the one that really saved us a pretty penny recently was Klook. Klook is an award-winning travel site/app designed to let you “Discover and book amazing things to do at exclusive prices!” And not just the standard tourist favourites (though they really give you great deals) but also by teaming up with experienced travellers and local experts, they let you pick from enchanting views to thrilling adventures to tasty cuisines so that your trip is really an amazing experience.

Unlike regular travel startups, Klook doesn’t manage flight or hotel bookings, it looks after the rest. Klook started in September 2014 as means to help the increasing number of Asia-to-Asia travellers find activities and things to do while they are overseas. The company said that today its service includes details of over 10,000 attractions, tours and general activities spanning 80 cities across Asia and more as they expand across the globe.

Klook App

klook-dolphinislandKlook covers most of the tourist destinations across countries. We tried it for the first time on a recent holiday to Singapore. We were really keen on the Dolphin Interaction program at Sentosa. Klook allowed us to book a slot well in advance (since the show has limited slots and we didn’t want to be disappointed after reaching there) and plan our other tourist travel around it. Not to mention the discount was great. Payment, voucher retrieval, etc. are also very user-friendly.

For the rest of our sight-seeing too we would either book the previous day or on the spot if the app price was lower. It saved us a lot of time at the entry queues too. Just remember to set it to the local currency (from default USD to SGD in this case) so that you can easily compare the prices at the venue. For two adults and two kids, we saved over 200 SGD in just entry tickets across the zoo, aquarium, science centre, Universal Studios, etc. And the best part is that pre-booking doesn’t cut your travel flexibility. For most attractions, the e-voucher is valid for 180 days from the date of booking!

Let’s say you are heading to the money-sucking machine that is Disneyland! Klook can save you HKD 49 per ticket! That’s more in the wallet available to buy all those Mickey and Minnie toys!



Klook Coverage

Klook covers a range of cities and their tourist attractions. For those who love to see what everyone else is not seeing, Klook can pull out a bunch of unique experiences for you too. klook-cities

Klook was an option on a trip to Amsterdam also. We were a large group with constantly changing plans so Klook vouchers gave us flexibility and the option to quickly book on the go.

klook-ams klook-europe

This summer, make sure you have the Klook app handy – for quick booking, great deals and unique ideas to fill your day in a new place!

Happy Summer Travels!

And here’s something for kids travelling with their imagination this summer!

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