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The Pulse Polio campaign and its success is one of India’s most impactful achievements. Through the rigorous and sustained efforts of thousands of health workers, aided by an easy to deploy mechanism of oral polio drops, millions of children have been systematically protected. On 27 March 2014, World Health Organization declared India a polio free country, since no cases of wild polio had been reported in previous three years.

For every parent, it is critical to get the recommended immunizations done on time.

IAP-Immunizeindia is the world’s largest vaccination reminder service and is available free of cost to parents anywhere in India. It is a national level non-profit and supported by The Indian Academy of Paediatrics. Piloted in 2013, this is now a fully functional national service.

And it can’t get easier than this to get enrolled – parents opt-in to the service by sending a text message by SMS and registering. Text message reminders are then sent to the phone for 12 years, following the IAPCOI prescribed immunization schedule. Three reminders are sent, at 2-day intervals, for each vaccination that is due.

immunize12 years?! If you have an infant or toddler, can you even imagine how useful this is?
I registered for my kids maybe over a year ago and have been receiving regular reminders. The trigger for this post today was a reminder SMS for my 10 yr old. Frankly, I would have never thought to check her immunization schedule amidst all the 10th birthday merriment!

How to register for the service

Send a text message by SMS to the national short-code 566778 from any mobile phone in India, in the following format:

Immunize <Space> <Baby’s pet name> < Space> <Baby’s date of birth>

Example: Immunize Maya 04-11-2014

The phone will immediately receive a confirmation message. Text message reminders will be sent to the phone for 12 years, following the IAPCOI prescribed immunization schedule.

“Never miss a vaccination. Protect your Child NOW.”


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