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Most of us are living our lives with a phone stuck to one hand but we are definitely doing more typing and less speaking. A phone call almost feels like an intrusion.. why couldn’t they just Sms or Whatsapp or email or this or that? Similarly we also find it easier to get work done by hunting down the relevant website or twitter handle or Facebook page. Who wants to ‘speak’ to a Customer Service rep *shudder*!

That’s the insight that the guys at Haptik seem to have captured and taken to a whole new level.

Haptik Hand

“Haptik is an army of real people, solving real problems in real time.”, they say. For Free!

Haptik seems to derive its name from Greek for using touch to communicate. The app allows you to simply chat with a Haptik executive to take care of any of your common daily needs:

– what’s the best mobile plan out there for my usage?

– can you check and let me know the cheapest flight available right now for Mumbai to Delhi?

– Can I get a discount coupon for a quick lunch from Faasos?

My favourite so far has been web-checkins. Just pass on your PNR number and airline details and the Haptik assistant will take care of the rest – share an image of the boarding pass and get it emailed to you. No more googling for the airline site, searching for the web-checkin link and going from page to page to end up with that middle seat with no food!

You know you are dealing with a real person so you can chat with ease and discuss and refine your queries. The team of assistants are specialists in their fields like travel, telecom, consumer goods.

Haptik Menu

So far I’ve got a Haptik assistant to do quite a bit of stuff for me:

  • several web-checkins across airlines
  • find an Aadhaar centre close to work
  • check for the cheapest flight available
  • compare Macbook prices across Amazon and Flipkart
  • get me discount coupons for Dominos
  • and even decode an error message one fine morning on my Samsung washing machine. I think the assistant Rashmi actually checked the manual online.

The good part is responses are quick and average only 3-4 minutes and many times even less. It’s a continuous chat so you are never on hold or listening to crappy music.

So stop sweating the small stuff and go get your own Personal Assistant today!

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www.haptik.co and @hellohaptik

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