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Gardening Online – Gift or Grow!

Gardening is a very rewarding hobby, one where you can actually see your efforts bearing fruit, literally. If you have space, nothing like creating a little oasis within your apartment – a green terrace or balcony to relax in. You can also fill many nooks and corners with beautiful and long-lasting indoor plants. Nowadays, just like any other shopping, all your garden requirements, including the accessories and tools are available online.

A small indoor plant makes the perfect little gift too. I recently went green and gifted cute succulents as return gifts for my daughter’s birthday. All you have to do is browse the online nursery sites from the convenience of your home and choose what you want. It gets delivered to your doorstep, and that too free in most cases. Here is a list of options for you to explore. Read on to know more…


This year we decided to get a little eco-friendly for return gifts by gifting a small indoor plant to each child. Something they could keep on their study table or by the window sill. Facebook ads on combo deals from NurseryLive caught my attention. We ordered 2 dozen succulents plants that came with a colourful set of holders.

After a few email exchanges with the NurseryLive team, we were assured of delivery well in time for the birthday and they thankfully made sure of that. Each plant came in a corrugated sheet wrapper with the actual plant in a plastic wrapping. A couple of them were dried out but they agreed to send replacements after seeing pics of the damaged plant. Each plant also had a slip of paper with its botanical name so I left that in for the kids to know what they were getting. The return gifts were unwrapped and ready and looking beautiful.

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If you thought gardening choices were easy, just wait till you browse the collection at They have the widest range of indoor and outdoor plants. You will find flowering plants, fruit plants, aquatic plants, ferns, herbs, aromatic plants, hedge plants, bamboo, plants that give out oxygen at night and even low maintenance plants. You can even choose plants by location, like the bedroom, living room, or bathroom or based on the season.
Along with this, you will also get a good choice of bulbs and seeds, pots and planters of many sizes, shapes, and colours, and accessories like germination trays, plastic hangers, plates, etc. You can even get gardening tools and some cute birdhouses too. Also, pick up fertilizers and even choose from multiple varieties of pebbles for the plant décor.
There is gift option available too for all India delivery. NurseryLive has a support community to answer your queries related to gardening or browse from among the already answered list of questions. It gets more interesting with tips and tricks, suggestions, blogs, and even videos to browse through.

Plantsguru lists itself as India’s biggest online plants store. They are a 24 *7, one-stop shop for gardening needs that bring everything to your doorstep, fresh and safe. They offer several collections to choose from, like indoor or outdoor, seasonal and annual flowering plants, aquatic plants, succulents, climbers, creepers, herbs, spices and even fruit plants. The list is endless, and you are almost sure to find anything that you can think of. Apart from plants, there are seeds and bulbs, pots and planters, gift plants and garden décor like pebbles, ceramic pots etc. The choices are amazing and you will be surprised to see how easy it is to bring up a lovely garden at your place.


Perhaps you are one of those who loves greenery but not sure how to get started. If so, MySunnyBalcony is the perfect solution. Started by a group of garden enthusiasts with the purpose of helping people create their own green spaces, MySunnyBalcony helps set up customized landscapes. They are garden consultants who visit and study your space, send a detailed design and quote, and after you say the word, they’ll set up your beautiful garden up for you! You will also get detailed instructions on how to maintain the garden and one follow-up visit to check if the plants are growing well. They also have maintenance packages you can sign up for. Alternately, if you want to order the seeds, pots, planters or any other accessories and create your own garden, you can do that as well.


Create your own little piece of nature with the help of myBageecha. With a plethora of choices from seeds, ferns, roses, herbs, cactus, orchids, foliage, flowering plants, adeniums, succulents, and ready to grow kits, you will not be disappointed. You can also choose from among beautiful décor pots, terrariums, grow bags, planters, and hangers to suit your space, style, and needs. You also have a choice of air purifier plants. They also sell fungicides, fertilizers, and pesticides for the maintenance of the garden. If you would like to gift a plant to someone, that option is also available.

Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals have been around for some time with gifting options for cakes, and flowers for various occasions. They also have online plants delivery, especially the gift option. The collection spreads across indoor and outdoor plants, bamboo, bonsai, good luck plants, money plants and desktop plants. Just pick from among the wide range listed online and it gets delivered to you or to your friends as a gift.

So bring the garden home today!

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