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Memories of good times and great places are very often linked to aromas, flavours and food. When you set out on a journey, friends and family will tell you not to miss the peta in Agra, the dal-bati-churma in Jaisalmer, the appam-stew in Kumarakom… you get the drift. Oh and yes, don’t miss the Taj and sand dunes and houseboats either!

As we all hopefully get to celebrate this Diwali with our close family and friends and loved ones, I wanted to share a few interesting sites for getting your fix.

Sites for your Food Memories

Place of Origin

food-placeoforiginPlace of Origin attempts to brings you culinary delights from across the country to your home. We all love our food memories but it’s not possible to keep going back for the authentic taste. So they get it for you from the ‘place of origin’. Founded a year back by three foodies in Bengaluru with some years of banking, technology and ecommerce behind them, they came together with a common passion.

I have not yet ordered from them but the site tells me that they are a curated online marketplace. That essentially means that your online order is passed on to the ‘gourmet artisan’ (fancy name for the best halwai in Delhi!) and fresh food is shipped directly from the store. If you order multiple items, they will reach you separately by courier and won’t be aggregated. Place of Origin displays a wide range of goodies:

  • Branded like Chitale Bandhu sweets and savouries; chocolates from Moddy’s in Ooty and Pahalwan’s in Jammu and Kashmir!
  • You can search across categories too – Sweets (traditional, chocolates, cakes, biscuits), Snacks (namkeens, dry fruits, etc.), Staples (pickles, spices, tea, coffee) and also Health Food.

They deliver to 20 states across India, so give it a try after your Diwali stash runs out!

Native Special

Native Special is a similar online marketplace based out of Chennai and currently showcasing delicacies from predominantly food-nativespecialSouth India. Sweets and savouries in South each have a home where traditionally they are best had from. Delicacies like Tirunelveli Halwa, Palani Panchamirtham which you get a chance to taste on a spiritual voyage to Palani (Temple for Lord Kartikeya), Manapparai Murukku, Dindugal Kadalai Mittai (Chikki), or those melt-in-your-mouth Macroons from Thoothukudi!

This site will make any true-blooded South Indian mouth water! Native Special packages and ships out the food themselves so perhaps they hold inventory at their end. A couple of colleagues and I have placed a few orders and we loved it! I tried the macaroons and halwa and my friend tried some Chennai delicacies that she last had when she was a kid in school. The packaging was good and it arrived the very next day at Bengaluru. They have combo packs too.

As I was about to wrap up and post this, the strangest thing happened. I saw a FaceBook sponsored advt for Delight Foods. Almost like someone is watching everything we type, read and google! But we all experience that nowadays I guess. So in the interest of more is better:

Delight Foods

Launched in Bengaluru in Dec 2014 and currently serving Bengaluru and Delhi, they aim to bring together all iconic food brands under one ecommerce roof. It caters to curated Indian foods in 5 categories – sweets, savouries, bakery items, papads/pickles and masalas/mixes. The items are picked up from the store once ordered and they add a protective packaging layer over the manufacturer’s original packaging.

food-delightfoods“Delight Foods has over 60 brands and 600 products sourced from 11 cities in India which will offer consumers a chance to access famous products like Panchi Petha from Agra, Lonavala Chikki, Chitle Bandhu Bhakarwadi, Grand Sweets Murukku and many more”, as per coverage in Inc42. They run packaging centres in each of these cities.



Extend your Diwali “hell-with-my-diet” phase a little longer and try one of these sites out. They cover an astonishing breadth of brands and foods. If you are overseas, surprise your family in India with what they love.  As always would love to hear your feedback.

Wish you all a Happy and Safe Diwali! And of course filled with all the food you love!

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  1. Love the article!! My biggest learning is on Delight Foods – I struggle keeping up shopping for those yummy things with my busy schedule – now I know I can get it all just sitting at home!

    Love it love it love it!!!

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