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The Fitbit Blaze is another new entrant to the already crowded market of fitness bands. Fitbit is probably one of the first names that come to mind when shopping for bands and the Blaze is a good move forward for the brand. Between Fitbit, JawBone, Garmin, Xiomi and many more similar products in this space, fitness freaks are spoilt for choice.

I personally started with the GoQii band. This Indian fitness tracker is part of a larger offering where you get an app and a personal coach. That’s right, a human coach. The coach interacts with you through the app and occasional calls and you have to be a good student and input details of what you ate. The band tracks your steps and sleep. The concept has caught on and is quite popular and affordable now. After a few months I got tired of the data entry and used the band just as a step tracker. Then I got tired of the band also!

So, my friend and blogger, Aparna’s recent review of the Fitbit Blaze caught my eye. I was interested to see how this product is evolving and what new features have been introduced. She sweetly agreed to let me share her detailed review of her new toy.

You can read the full post here. It’s always fun to read someone’s fitness journey. It triggers memories of where you were or it inspires you to move your behind from where you are! Check it out and decide if you want to join the fitness tracker bandwagon or maybe upgrade your band.

Sharing from the blog ‘Life as a Mom’:

FitBit Blaze Review


I looked around a bit, and ordering on seemed to work the best for now. If you have someone in the US who could bring it back for you, or if you travel there on work, jump at the chance. I did when the spouse offered to bring back something on a work trip ;).


I love large-dial watches, so the size of the Blaze works well for me. I thought it was a bit sleeker(though broader) than the Fitbit Surge, and the screen size is nice for navigating menus or looking at stats for the day. If you’re not used to a slightly big watch on your wrist, it’s best to check out the size of the Blaze in a store in your city. Another fun aspect that the Blaze offers over the Surge is the option of replacement straps. There are quite a few on offer including leather and metal ones. I ordered a metal one as I had some allergy issues with the Flex bands and wanted to make sure I had a replacement handy when I needed it.


The calculation of steps remains the same as in the Flex, depending on the movement/cadence of the arm. This means that if you’re pushing a cart in a supermarket, there’s a chance your steps might not be counted. In my time of using the Flex, I found it quite accurate, and I expect the same of the Blaze. Other friends who use Fitness bands have also reported the Fitbit step calculation to be one of the best.

The “Today” section gives a view into the day’s statistics.
I have been very low on exercise in the last couple of weeks and it shows in my resting Heart Rate 😛


Heart Rate Monitor:

This was a big reason for my upgrading to the Blaze, and I have been getting interesting readings and trying to make sense of it all. My base rate is around 62-64 and it feels as though even a short walk sends me into fat burn mode.. which is a good thing I suppose. I am still trying to understand how the different routines of cardio and strength would impact heart rate and what is the optimum balance I should aim at. For now, I am happy with fat burn ;).


The Fitbit calculates calories based on all your activities not just exercise. This means that it might show 200-300 calories soon after you get up, and about 2000 calories expenditure for a moderate to slightly high exercise day with ease. You need to set a baseline of what Fitbit calculates for you on a sedentary day and aim accordingly.


The calculation of floors climbed is not strictly accurate, and it may consider uneven terrain with ups and downs, and probably even an escalator climb or two as steps climbed. This was not a big requirement for me, so I have no issues here. For those who would like an accurate count here, you might need to keep track of your counter before any intensive climbing to be able to make sense of your final tally.

Active Minutes:

The active minutes on the Flex were measured based on the steps – any continuous walking of 10 minutes or more contributed to the active minutes. On the Blaze, any exercise that I enter counts also towards the active minutes, and that makes it a bit more accurate to track your actual activity for the day.

Exercise tracking:

Other than the ability to enter exercise details that was available with earlier models, the Blaze also brings with it an automatic sensing of exercise (walk, bike and a few others) when done for 15 minutes or more. This means that a walk for grocery shopping that I might not think to enter in myself is counted by the Blaze as exercise :). It also comes with a built-in set of exercise options, FitStar, which is apparently one of its unique selling points even compared to the Surge.

Battery life:

The promised battery life is 5 days, but I was initially getting only about 3 days worth. I later realized that I was probably looking at the screen a bit too much (common with a new toy!), and checking my phone for the metrics instead keeps it going longer, so I’m at about 4 days as of now. As looking at the time is one of my major needs behind buying it, and this would possible take up battery as the display is turned on every time, I am happy with this much for now, which is still an improvement over the Flex.


These are restricted to just calls and messages at the moment, and I hope they would be adding more apps as we go along. I am finding even this much useful though, as it saves me from missing calls in noisy places, even if finding your wrist vibrating can be a bit startling :).

Other possible points of consideration (do let me know in the comments if there are any other Blaze features you would like me to add in this post, and I’ll add my personal view):

  • The Blaze doesn’t come with GPS but can use the GPS of your phone.
  • It is water-resistant not waterproof, which some have found surprising for the price range of this model.

Current price at the time of this blog: 179.99 USD on

Thanks again Aparna!


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  1. Loving my Blaze. I can’t imagine there are many more stylish and functional fitness watches available..thanks for giving us an opportunity so that we could select bands which will be suitable for us.

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