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Our hectic work and social calendars need so much managing these days. And while we keep up with multiple commitments, many weekends I find that a really good event has been completely missed.

Event Discovery

There are many popular ticketing sites if you know where you want to go but most of them focus on movies and the occasional large-scale events. Off late quite a few ‘discovery’ sites have also come up. Having seen a few of them, one that stands out is EventsHigh. I first came across their website and then gave the Android app also a try.
EventsHigh aims to be a one-stop-shop for events across all genres and categories with the added perks of a personalised feed for areas that interest you.
The range of categories is really quite large. You can browse through theatre, sports, dance, food, kids stuff, health and wellness … you get the idea! What’s nice is that discovery covers even the smaller gatherings like a workshop in a hobby you have been keen on pursuing – say photography or a technical course that helps you upgrade your skill sets. I was happy to see Book Launches, Panel Discussions, a Batik workshop, a trek to Karnataka’s highest peak and even a Blood Donation camp!
It’s almost like your social media feed, the newspaper listings and flyers and all ticketing sites rolled into one!
    event-photog event-photog2
The site and app are very clean and appealing. you search for a topic, say photography and not only do you get a whole host of events, you can “follow” the category for your personalised feed and also sign up for alerts for just photography events.
What really stood out for me was the ease of use – search by locality, by event category or just the most obvious timeframe – Today, This Week or This Weekend! This last bit is a winner after having seen so many sites where you have to keep scrolling just to realise the event is outdated or way too into the future to plan for now!event-dance
I like the high emphasis on design and UX which clearly comes out in the user experience on the site as well as the app.
If you like to get out of the house for events that genuinely interest you, then EventsHigh is the perfect place for discovering them! If you’re not sure what you want, this is a great place to find out about anything and everything happening around you, with a Popular Things to Do and Editor’s Pick section thrown in.
Currently they cover Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai.
*This is NOT a paid promotion! I also checked out EventBrite, DoAttend, AllEvents, MeraEvents & Explara and found EventsHigh scored high on visual appeal and content with Explara a close second.
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