Dinner is Served… at 50% off!

It was a lazy Sunday evening, and we made an impromptu decision to go out for dinner with the kids. As we got ready and shuffled into the car, all sorts of cuisine were thrown about, fully knowing the kids will finally convince us to have Chinese. Just as we were about to make the turn to our regular restaurant, I remembered another one we hadn’t tried but was recommended to me recently. Let’s go to NoodleHeads I exclaimed. As I googled for directions, I saw the EazyDiner app sitting on my phone. Downloaded a while back but yet untested. Hmmm… golden opportunity!

dinner-noodlehead-eazydinerIt took me 30 secs to register, and I was taken aback by the slew of offers – dinner at 50% off, 30% off, dessert free! NoodleHeads was easy enough to find and lo and behold! – They had an offer too – “a free mocktail per person”! It was 7:30 pm and we were only a few minutes away, so I pressed “Book” wondering if it was too late and such deals came only with much planning in advance. Surprised yet again – the time slots started from 7:45 pm. I immediately got a call back from EazyDiner welcoming me to my first booking, confirming my requirement and letting me know that two adults plus two kids would count as a booking for two but they would let the restaurant know to expect 4. Promptly received an SMS confirmation also. I later figured out that the two adults bit was more for the EazyDiner reward points calculation.

Dinner At NoodleHeads

The restaurant itself was kid-friendly with huge figurines of kids with noodles on their head posing outside. We explained that we had booked thru EazyDiner. It took a few minutes, but they figured out the arrangement and brought out four complimentary Blue Curacao mocktails served in gorgeous mason jars. (These jars are everywhere nowadays aren’t they?!). On a meal for the four of us, we got a deal of 4 mocktails (4 * Rs. 200) + Rs. 800 as EazyPoints on the app for later use + Rs. 200 of free cupcakes!


So EazyDiner is the latest entrant in the food and restaurant space, aiming to change the way we dine by incentivizing the consumer for booking a table in advance.

Most start-ups are focussed on making your usual habit (calling for home delivery of food, finding a plumber, booking a cab) a lot easier but this one is focussed on something we generally don’t do – book a table, especially for a small group. The occasional team dinner or family Onam lunch has some pre-planning going into it but mostly we are happy to walk into a restaurant and demand to be seated! Now if someone will give you a huge discount or a free beer or free brownie then why not! And it really is quite easy on their app.

The brainchild of Singapore-based Deepak Shahdadpuri, Managing Director of DSG Consumer Partners and co-founded by Vir Sanghvi of … well so many things including great food curation fame, EazyDiner is probably the sole enterprise in this space. Closest comes Zomato which is more about restaurant aggregation and food delivery now.

The site and app are very well designed with various categories of offers for you on filter on –

  • Mid-blowing 50% discount dinner-eazydineroffers
  • 20/15/10 % discount
  • Free glass of Wine
  • Free Cocktail or Mocktail
  • Free Beer
  • Free Dessert
  • Free Appetizer

and so on.


Currently serving Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, this is curated by Vir Sanghvi and has over 500 restaurants in Bangalore itself.

Each restaurant entry comes with a short, crisp review and highlights special good-to-knows. It also shows how many deals are on offer at the restaurant and how the EazyDiner panel of critics have rated it – like 21 out of 30 at Noodleheads (refer first image).

As a new user of the app, the next day I received a call from their VP in Bangalore letting me know that I would soon receive 6 free cupcakes as a welcome gift! And the delicious cupcakes from BiteMe arrived soon and disappeared really fast!

Not all restaurants on the app may have a Booking option, in which case you can just read their review and check coordinates. I am definitely going to check EazyDiner before stepping out for a meal.

So why not check it out – how about Hard Rock Cafe tonight – order main course and get a cocktail free!



Eazydiner is at www.eazydiner.com and as iOS and Android apps. Happy dining!


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