Do the ‘Swiggy’!

My favourite app is going to be a recurring theme for Dolphin Dives and my current favourite food app is

Swiggy food app

Swiggy food app

It may sound like just another food app joining the food-tech bandwagon but finally, it’s the customer experience that makes a difference and Swiggy has won my heart. I am always on the lookout for a good food app, be it for a quick evening snack or a healthy lunch on the day the cook disappears. On-time and smooth delivery are critical for me. I typically order only when at work and nothing irritates more than a delay leading to hunger pangs while in a boring meeting or repeated calls from the delivery guy asking for directions and what not.

Swiggy currently operates in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad and lets you order food from a restaurant near you and gets it delivered through their fleet of delivery boys. The site and app have a very classy and friendly look and feel with food pics that really make you just want to order it now!

Swiggy food appSwiggy food app









What helps Swiggy stand out is a few well thought out features:

  • no minimum order so you can go solo and still get what you want
  • a quick view of recommended items at that restaurant and an option to see the full menu
  • option to pay online or cash on delivery for all their restaurant tie-ups
  • you get the choice of most restaurants in your locality so there’s a wide choice of cuisine and price range with the comfort of knowing it’s not too far and the food will reach soon
  • a Price for Two indicator that lets you quickly decide if the place fits your current wallet status
  • you get SMS alerts telling you that the Swiggy boy has reached the restaurant and then one when the boy leaves the restaurant with your food
  • real-time tracker on the app

What really clinched it for me? The delivery boys. Well-trained and professional. They always came with sufficient change (100 marks for just that, right?!) and they are empowered to call you from the restaurant if something is not available, give you options and take a revised order.

Our order included a dahi vada from A2B and he called to say it wasn’t available and let me substitute it with a sev puri and strawberry shake!

And if you are in Bangalore and someone is willing to bring just two Death by Chocolates from Corner House within 35 minutes – what else do you want??!

So check out the site or the apps and get your favourite food from the comfort of your home or office.Swiggy food app
Swiggy food app


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