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Science should be fun and most definitely can be fun. Kids of today seem to be exposed to so much more information than when we were kids. I am sure it can be difficult to process. I see even my five-year old being taught food groups and exotic mammals and what not. Their mind is a sponge so kids seem to be coping ok. Sometimes I feel it is us parents who need a refresher course or two! We learnt with very boring methods so we teach our kids also in a very bookish way.

This is where I think  curiositi logoscience kits really can make a difference. The weekend parent-kid science project just got a huge boost! Curiositi advertises as the first syllabus-based activity box. The activities mirror the topics which schools are teaching at that grade.

We picked up the July kit for 5th grade for my 10-year-old. The ordering process is pretty smooth, just choose the grade and the relevant box for that month reaches you by FedEx in a day or so. The packaging is excellent – three activity pouches neatly labelled and one pouch of common material like tape, glue, etc.

So this is what we were all set to attack over the weekend. You can spread it over three weekends and just open one pouch at a time but with all the excitement of a new item at home, we ended up finishing all three at one go!

5th July

We started with thepulley most intriguing one in the lot – levers and pulleys. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow. We had the simple pulley up and working pretty quickly and soon the movable pulley was also in place.

Each monthly kit has two learning activities (Simple Machines and Growing Bacteria in our kit) and one fun activity – Making a Guitar Clock!

We then moved to the guitar clock – it’s frankly too appealing to leave for the end! My girls were kicked about making a working pink guitar that they could place in their room. This one was easy and pretty much done on their own.

Before we move to the last activity, let me mention that Curiositi has a pretty cool app to go with the kit. Each activity has a video of 2-4 minutes that shows the kids how to put things to together from start to finish. You can watch on the app or the site.

So finally we had some bacteria to grow! This one was packaged really neatly – a petri dish of agar as food for the bacteria. We used the cotton swabs to pick up some dirt from around the potted plants and just dabbed it on the agar and sealed it and left it in a warm dark cupboard. A day later itself we could see it growing. Cousins were getting daily pics and updates via WhatsApp! By day 3/4 we had a petri dish full of fungus! What joy! 🙂 guitar

So needless to say we are hooked and will be waiting for the next set of science projects for August. As a parent it was both time well-spent and engrossing. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to extend the learning a bit more – making a pulley is fun but reading various definitions of simple machines in the instruction set got pushed away for later. For now I think the next month I will try to stick to just one activity per weekend and stretch the learning a bit.

Overall a great item to pick up for your kids, gift to nieces and nephews or even as a birthday gift (one box or a subscription).

It definitely ties in with that they are hearing at school and will reinforce concepts for sure. And to be honest the parent is learning again too.

Do try it out and let me know how your experience was!

So that’s the website at Curiositi and you can hit Like on Facebook too for updates and fun trivia.

An activity box for one month containing 3 activities is priced at Rs. 600.

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