Blog away the Summer Holidays, Kids!

Summer’s here, way too early and the kids are driving you crazy as much as the heat is? A blog is a great project they can take up to keep themselves busy.

Most kids like to read and write when it is not for a school assignment! And they definitely like to while away time on their tablets and desktops. So why not put the two together and give them an outlet for their flights of fancy – kickstart a blog. Start them off with an easy and free blogging tool like WordPress. With your help to start off and the kids intuitive ease around new apps and sites, this will be a breeze.

Blog on WordPress

Go to and get it done in three quick steps. But spend time and have fun thinking up a creative name for the blog – something that speaks to your child’s liking and interests. So maybe she is RockstarRia or he is Bookworm Rohan. Spend some time laughing over silly names and themes and checking what’s available.

Choose a Theme



See, you can have set up as a blog for free that easily! Adding posts and images is also just that easy.


Let your child explore the features. And let this blog be their place to unleash their creativity. It could be short stories, poems, a daily rant or even just pics of their doodling or paper clippings they liked. And they can share the simple blog URL like with friends and family – only if they want to! The blog can even be set to Private if they don’t want to share it. Running a wordpress blog is more to give them a space for their thoughts and views, dig deeper into a niche topic that they like, learn how to navigate a tool like WordPress and experience how easy it is to publish their own work. Also it gives them something to do indoors in the heat!

And if you get them hooked they may even start reading other blogs, even kids blogs.  Once they get a hang of it, you can guide them to moving from generic writing to picking a space or niche they enjoy. That will help sustain this hobby and the blog even after schools reopen.

Blog Tools

Here are a few resources to discover various sites and tools available to inculcate the reading and writing habit in our kids.

My ten-year-old loves to pen her songs at The Trip Tunes so the 5-year-old won’t be left far behind at VeryBerry Varsha (though she does only the typing and Mom the assistant has to do the rest!).

WordPress is just one of the tools so feel free to choose any other one that you may come across. The idea is to show you and your child how easy it is to set up a blog and how much fun they can have with it at home. Soon you will have them reading what they like too – cooking, sports, fashion, authors… do a little searching and point them in the direction of some great writing that is surely out there is any area that brings a smile to their face. Also a great way to teach them about creative license, plagiarism, giving credit to sources etc!

Happy Blogging, Kids!

Would love to hear about the blog you have started in the comments section here. Promise to read them!


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