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Very often I come across an app or site that I find interesting, quirky or just simply useful! Keep coming back to this page for a quick look at what’s new and nice.

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Airtime Player


If you fly Jet Airways you may have received an email about Airtime Player. It is a video player application that allows passengers to watch digitally-protected videos during their flight. You can watch content streamed from the airline’s Entertainment Portal.

After take-off, you can connect to the JetScreen wifi service and enjoy the shows and movies they have to offer. Check with your airline if they are streaming content for the Airtime Player. It’s a boon for short-haul domestic flights.

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Our Pact

If you are keen to make sure your child gets limited screen time, especially when you are away from home, try Our Pact. OurPact is a simple parental control app that allows parents to block internet and app access. Pair your child’s device and set the schedule. Yu can manage multiple kids/devices though the Our Pact app or website. This works across iOS and Android devices. You can do this even when you are away from home or the device. And don’t worry, you can manually grant access when you are in the mood to let them go off a little off schedule!


OnSpon is simply ONline SPONsorship. The greatest problem with events of scale is that event managers are usually unable to find sponsors who can support their cause. This isn’t to say that the sponsors don’t exist, but simply that they’re not on platforms where event managers are looking. Onspon solves this problem across dozens of Indian cities, and how!

If you’re an event manager looking for sponsorship, all you have to do is sign up, set up your event, provide as many details about it as you can (along with the amount you’re looking to have sponsored). Bonus points if you can explain how the money will be utilized.

As a sponsor, based on what your objective is from increasing your brand’s visibility to supporting causes you care for, you can choose from over thirteen thousand event managers who have events listed in categories ranging from sports and fashion to talent hunts and education events.


appsnap-LegalDeskRemember all those long hours spent at a notary’s office, trying to get a legal document ratified just as the deadline nears? LegalDesk aims to put you out of your misery. Using this service, you can design, customize and print anything from affidavits to rental agreements to power of attorney to employment contracts, all on stamp papers of required value. The physical copies will be delivered to you and what’s even better is that they promise a 2-4 day service in most parts of the country. So all you need is a little bit of foresight and resistance to succumb to the thought that legal work has to be done offline. All documents are drafted and vetted by legal experts and now you can also eSign them using Aadhaar!


Juggernaut Books has launched an Android app (iOS coming very soon) offering “Fresh, original books tailored for mobile and for India.” And starting at Rs. 10! The app has been launched with a collection of over 100 books – Sunny Leone’s story, crime thrillers, Rujuta Diwekar’s new books on nutrition, Pakistani romance and a whole range of classics are available for free too. The app also lets you write to the authors, gift books to friends and see amazing new book formats – serial books (a little bit every day), story-bundles, picture books and more.


MyFitnessPal is a great app for the health conscious amongst us. Most diets require you to monitor your calorie intake. This app makes it really easy with a repository of almost every food imaginable especially all Indian foods. So you can add that you had half a masala dosa and don’t have to search for rice crepe with potato filling! Partnering with top brands—including Fitbit, BodyMedia, Jawbone, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Endomondo—and featuring a database of over 3 million foods, MyFitnessPal provides real-time nutrition and fitness tracking, insights, and community support. MyFitnessPal’s free and easy to use technology works seamlessly across Android, iOS, Blackberry, Kindle, and Windows apps, as well as the web.

flyover country-logo

Surely you have been on a flight an wondered where you are flying over and if it’s maybe someplace famous? Try Flyover Country app (iOS and Android) for geosciences, allowing users to learn about the science behind the view out the airplane or car window, while offline. The app analyzes a given flight path and caches relevant map data and points of interest, and displays these data during the flight, without requiring in flight wi-fi. While Flyover Country will expose geologic maps, fossils, basic geographic information, between all the science-talk, you will also find out what interesting places you are flying over!


Autism Care is an app truly born from the heart. The hearts of Juhi & Bobby Ramani, the founders of I Support Foundation. They run two inclusive schools (in Lucknow and Bengaluru) and have created this app to help the families of autistic children. Having personally experienced the difficulty of finding the right resources for their brother, they have put together an amazing repository of information on schools, doctors, hospitals, therapists, etc in Bengaluru. As they say, “There is no known ‘cure’ for autism. But the early intervention and right support can transform lives.”  Currently available on Google Play.


Highbrow is the solution to the knowledge gap. Highbrow aims to create a simple, easy, and free way for people to gain new knowledge in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. “In just 5 minutes, we hope to make you just a little more knowledgeable than you were the day before.” Choose a course at a time from over 75 courses. For ten days, you will receive an email each morning so over snippets of 5 min each day, you can learn a new topic! And the range of topics is vast – art, business, health, history, literature, science, philosophy and so much more. So you can start with Incredible Female Leaders through History and go to Ultimate Guide to Running to Most Famous Paintings of All Time to Strangest Things in Space! How cool is that!


Bored of the traditional resume format? Make it stand out with Vizualize.Me. They can help you create an online resume format that is beautiful, relevant and fun. They want to enable people to express their professional accomplishments in a simple yet compelling personal visualisation. Easily login with your LinkedIn credentials and Vizualize will import your profile and create a stunning infographic in seconds. That’s a great way to make your resume stand out! is a division of Parchment, leaders in credentials and etranscript management.


DriveU is a convenient and a quick way of getting on-demand drivers for your personal car. Get a personal driver for your car with just a few taps. You input your pickup location on the app, a driver is assigned and will reach you at the marked location at the decided time. Drivers place a floor mat & seat cover in your car. 🙂 The app will track your usage and once you say you are done, the driver will hand over the keys. Pay cash or use your online wallet. How’s that for easy? At Rs. 99/hour and pay for what you use after that, DriveU is a great service and they even do one-way drops! Currently at Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.


Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids, powered by Google. It offers safe search i.e. the results satisfy family friendly requirements with explicit or deceptive content filtered out. The results have big thumbnails with a larger font, making it easier for kids to choose the link they need. And the results are displayed in a manner that makes it easier for kids.

Typically results 1-3 are safe sites and pages written specifically for kids, handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.
Results 4-7 are safe, trusted sites that are not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand. Again handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.
And result 8 onwards are safe, famous sites that are written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand. This is filtered by Google safe search.

A Visual search engine can work in two ways – (1) the search is designed to find an image based on keywords, a picture, or a web link to a picture or (2) like Kiddle, the search engine shows results with a visual display image.


nearbuy (formerly Groupon India) lets you “discover the best things to do, buy and avail near you.” A hyper-local online platform that enables customers and local merchants to discover and engage with each other, nearbuy brings you deals across categories – dining, city events, health, fitness, beauty and local services like vehicle care, laundry, pest control etc. Currently they are present in 35+ cities, 18+ categories and having over 50,000 merchants across 100,000+ unique locations. Nearbuy also has a huge collection of deals on travel – be it weekend getaways or specific holiday destinations. The Nearbuy Promise is that if any of the purchases didn’t match up to your expectations, they will give you a no-questions-asked reversal.

Bags Lounge logo

Bags Lounge is the one-sot-shop for everything you need to know about bags. Born out of one lady’s passion and love for bags, it covers the latest, newest, and trendiest bags on offer. The site highlights deals across all possible sources – online sales, retail stores, overseas market etc. From the styles that are making heads turn for traditional events to the best bags for office use, Bags Lounge covers it all. Get the lowdown on new launches, luxury bags, international brands and what’s in fashion closer to home. While bags may not be a Dolphin thing :-), we loved the way the blog works as an information powerhouse on bags! Go check it out and you will surely learn something new about bags – handbags, sling bags, clutches, business bags….!


BigDecisions is a News Corp company which empowers you with smart calculators, articles and videos to make smarter financial decisions. We all face big and complex financial decisions – how much insurance cover to take, when to start retirement planning, buy or rent a home, saving up for kids’  education and tax planning.

Big Decisions aims to help you answer the basic questions first before you face the world of information overload from all the options out there.

As Forbes India recently described, “In the world of personal finance advisory services, where the discourse normally revolves around what you should buy and from whom, Mumbai-based BigDecisions tells you what you should be doing. And how to do it right.” Visit this site and simplify your personal finance planning.


Bric is a mobile app that allows you to store,exchange and manage business cards from the mobile and also keep you updated of each other’s profile or coordinates changes. By letting you share social media profiles along with the business card, it becomes a single interface for one’s professional identity.

Traditional card scanners focus on digitizing business cards and just adding to your phone book. Bric enable users to exchange cards through their network (so no need to carry cards!) and stay connected with each other. Sharing of cards is completely app to app and through an invite link if the receiver is not on Bric. Bric has a consumer and enterprise offering for a comprehensive contact management solution across your business cards & social media profiles.


Ixigo, is an online and mobile travel search and planning website that makes travel apps that simplify the life of travelers and make travelling a happy experience. One of their super-useful apps is the Ixigo Cab app.  This is a cab and taxi booking app, showing availability and fares across various taxi service providers and car rental companies. So every time you need a ride, you can go to Ixigo to check across Uber, Ola, Easy Cab, etc! Available on Android and iOS.

Read about more such wonderful apps and tools! Click on Tabs!


SeniorShelf hosts a wide range of items to help make the lives of senior citizens easier and more manageable. Innovative daily living aides like bathroom and bedroom accessories, walking sticks, hearing aids etc to items that you can search for by medical condition say diabetes or arthritis or orthopaedic care. They have a whole host of mobility items like wheelchairs for different conditions and requirements. Try it out for an elderly loved one!


Launched in Bengaluru, Taxshe provides women drivers on call for you, to manage daily school trips, to drive elders for medical appointments, to drive your family for shopping trips and family gatherings . Use your car with a woman driver to ensure greater safety and mobility for your family. You can request for a regular monthly schedule for say school drop and pickup or for one-time specific travel. Taxshe is empowering families to travel safely and empowering women looking to use their driving skills (post extensive Taxshe training) and earn an income. At Rs. 150 per hour during the day, try out this innovative option for your family! Taxshe is also keen to partner with NGOs to facilitate expansion to Pune and Hyderabad by enabling skilled women who want to drive for them.


Travelkhana allows train travellers in India to order food for delivery at their seat/ berth. They are a marketplace making available choices at select stations on train routes. Passengers can order on the site, mobile app or with a phone call. Select your train, departure and arrival stations and date of travel; the list of available restaurants will come up, with menus. You just pick your food, select the payment method (including Cash on Delivery) and receive the order confirmation SMS. Delivery is made by tracking the train’s running schedule. They currently cover over 2000 trains across more than 120 stations.


Life is Outside is a short break specialist. They handpick destinations and experiences that are ideal for a short trip. The range caters to various interest and budgets, covering romantic getaways, family trips, team outings, etc. You can search across themes like heritage resorts near your city, road trips, pet friendly places, short flight away, beaches nearby etc. Corporates can also plan and book team outings – day or overnight specifying how far you are willing to drive or the nature of the destination you want. Life is Outside covers over a dozen cities in India and also select cities across the world like Singapore, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Colombo, etc.


Ridlr is a public transport app that gives you real-time information about bus, local train, metro and monorail schedules in a very user-friendly view. It factors in blocks and diversions & delays and cancellations when suggesting any mode of transport to you including traffic alerts and parking spots. Timetables can be downloaded and used without an internet connection to view them later. Ridlr aims to provide live arrival times & updates and find the quickest, most convenient routes in real-time across your city’s entire transit system. Currently available as Android app and a desktop site that’s mobile friendly for iOS users. Mumbai folks can also charge their Metro card. Ridlr covers all metropolitan cities in India – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune and Vadodara.


Purple Squirrel Eduventures was launched in 2013 and claims to be India’s largest online marketplace for supplementary education. The organisation has been connecting students with industry partners for field trips, workshops, and hands-on experiences. They want to be a platform that bridges the gap between students and the industry, giving the student exposure to a variety of options. A typical industrial visit is a study tour that is crafted entirely based on the student’s curriculum. Relevant companies, startups, enterprises and speakers are contacted and an itinerary is set such that it spreads comfortably across the next few days. Currently they offer learning tours, nominally priced, to see operations at Big Basket or Grofers, Coca-Cola and Pepsi plants, a fruit processing session at Mother Dairy, some printing presses, etc. Great opportunities for young students!


Nestaway is a “managed home rental” marketplace. They aim to provide a solution for anyone looking for a home away from home in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune or Noida currently. You can search basis locality, budget and sharing arrangement you want. Nestaway  homes are ZERO brokerage, fully furnished and in a city like Bangalore security deposit is 2 months as against the 10 month norm. Huge advantage! For home owners, they promise verified tenants, easy home management via App, and much higher rental income. Rental covers home & furnishing charges, building maintenance charges, free service visit charges upto INR 500/ month and internet setup charges. Owners get the advantage of higher occupancy, full maintenance and verified tenants for 12.5% of the rent collected. Nest away, started by four NIT graduates, has found homes for over 2000 singles since Jan this year and is a boon for working women in a new city.


Shumee offers a unique range of collectible toys, hand-crafted with love and symbolising the spirit of freedom – free play, free thought, adventure and exploration. Sustainable, eco-friendly and child-safe, each toy has been designed after much research on how to engage, stimulate and entertain children in age-appropriate ways. The toys are made of natural wood and coloured with safe, lead-free, non-toxic water based colours and designed to engage & develop your kids. Shumee was founded by Meeta as she was looking for something better for her kids than the options in the market – plastic, expensive and just not simulating enough. Shumee toys encourage the child to use his/her imagination and are made with a lot of thought so that they are long-lasting and free of sharp edges and every parent’s dream – no batteries needed! Check out their unique collection with super popular items like a balance bike, rainbow rocker and musical carousel.


Parcelled is an online courier service where you can book for a courier pickup within 30 minutes. The Parcelled rep will come to your home/office, pack the item for free and let you know how much it will cost based on size or weight and collect cash. They have further tied up with delivery partners like Fedex, Delhivery, Bluedart, India Post to cover over 20,000 pincodes in India. You can use the site or app to schedule a pick up and also get a rate estimate. Pickup is currently available from 12 cities. The estimate for a 500 gm parcel from Bangalore to Mumbai came to Rs. 150 for delivery in 2-3 days. Started by ex-Flipkart folks wanting to solve the first-mile logistics issues in the C2C space, they aim to offer the benefit of business rates to individuals.


Yumist, a food tech startup that provides delicious, homely meals on demand. Users can order their meals through the Yumist app or site in less than 30 seconds and the meal arrives piping hot with an average delivery time of 20-30 minutes. Lunch and dinner have a set menu – one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian. Yumist was founded in October 2014 by Alok Jain (ex-CMO Zomato) and Abhimanyu Maheshwari. It offers home-made food and primarily serves office goers, currently in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore.


ConfirmTKT is an app and site that works as an IRCTC train PNR predictor i.e. based on a unique algorithm and historical trends it predicts your IRCTC PNR and assists you in deciding whether to book or not if the train is in waitlist. You can predict PNR confirmation status after booking a train ticket and discover all the possible alternatives to get a confirmed train ticket for your railway ticket reservation. The mobile app contains the following features: Train Search – Seat / Berth Availability with predictions, , PNR Status – plus confirmation predictions, Time Tables – with Offline access,Seat availability , Alternate Options, Manage your trips, Fare enquiry and fare calculator for Indian rail travellers across all types of trains.

It’s the DIY age and the folks at HobbyinaBox help you create your own style statement. Make your own jewellery, design a purse, create pretty candles – all using the materials shipped in the Box. The hobby boxes also cover decoupage, folk art, fabric painting, terrariums and a few kids projects. Prices range up to Rs. 999 for a kit.

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