Dolphins. Gorgeous spirits of the sea. Deep Dives. Dolphin Dives.

Join me as I discover the depths of the ocean and the wonders of this world.

Sharing what I find along the beaches and coasts.

The Dolphin as a creature fascinates me. Few facts about Dolphins that I love:

  • regarded as one of the most intelligent animals
  • highly social animals with strong social bonds
  • travel in groups and communicate through whistles
  • love to leap above the water’s surface frequently
  • Dolphins are known to play, teach, learn, cooperate, scheme, and grieve.

So what do I actually write about?

My aim is to simplify technology, to show it’s useful side – for working professionals, parents and families. Every day you hear about new technology, new applications and new start-ups. Not everyone has the interest or inclination to figure out what they do and how they can benefit from it. I hope to help you understand it and show you how it can be useful to you. So you will see reviews of food apps for while you are at work or learning tools for your kids or travel apps for making family commutes easy.

If you have a new product you want to show-case or a site you want me to review, do get in touch.

To me this blog is about engaging my curious soul with like-minded souls… learning, teaching, having fun and exploring what’s new and interesting to me. Have fun reading and do share your thoughts! Thanks!

You can reach me at connect@dolphindives.in

You can also reach me here for a telephonic chat.

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