A Dash of Amazon in your shopping cart!

Amazon’s new Dash buttons are the talk of the town.

“The buttons are physical hardware devices that you set up to be associated with a particular SKU on Amazon, allowing you to easily reorder common household products, like paper towels, detergent, toilet paper, diapers, personal care items, as well as groceries and pet supplies.” – TechCrunch on Amazon Dash

So this is essentially a device to help you order consumer goods in time and as a refill. It allows the entire family to keep adding to your Amazon Fresh shopping list. The Dash experience has three components:

  • the Amazon Dash scanning wand, used to inventory consumer goods around the house, integrating with AmazonFresh;
  • the Amazon Dash Button, a small consumer electronic device that can be placed around the house and programmed to order a consumer good such as detergent or cereal;
  • the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, which allows manufacturers to add a physical button or auto-detection capability to their devices to reorder supplies from Amazon when necessary.

Dash Buttons

“Amazon Dash Button is simple to set up. Use the Amazon app on your smart phone to easily connect to your home Wi-Fi and select the product you want to reorder with Dash Button. Once connected, a single press automatically places your order. Amazon sends an order alert to your phone, so it’s easy to cancel if you change your mind. Unless you elect otherwise, Dash Button responds only to your first press until your order is delivered.” (courtesy Amazon site)

So essentially Amazon is looking to have you place these product specific buttons all over your home. Luckily you can order only once even if you press multiple times so kids may go bonkers pressing but second order is only after the first one is delivered!

Critics have had their say already and not all have been kind, understandably so. These buttons are a weird idea and a cute idea rolled into one. Would you like to have these little branded icons scattered around on different shelves? Is the convenience so over-powering? There’s also a reason why it’s good to walk down the shopping aisles once in a while (remember fresh air and a good walk?), whether pushing a real shopping cart or a virtual one. You get to see what’s new in the market. You get to compare prices and features. You get to make decisions about what you want – low sugar, no sugar or who cares about sugar?!

The Dash Button seems like a really cute way of tying you in with a product. It will always be Tide or Huggies so a win-win for the brand. Unless you really take this stuff seriously and have multiple buttons for the same commodity!

Early days but definitely an innovation worth talking about. Would love to hear your views and even a review if you have tried it out.

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