Trusted Contacts App

Trusted Contacts

As a family or a group of friends, knowing where each one is at all times has become a norm. The safety of our loved ones is a matter of constant concern. Trusted Contacts is a security app that helps address this. The idea is to be able to be in touch with your loved ones in times of need or emergency and also share your location with them for help. The features available in this safety app are:

  • Create a trusted contacts list of your family and friends.
  • They can ask you for your location, which you can deny if you are ok. In case you are unable to respond to the request, then your last known location will be automatically shared with them within a set time frame. And this feature works even if you are offline or phone battery is low, so it is a reliable SOS.
  • If you feel unsafe or face any emergency at any point, you can proactively share your location with your trusted contacts.
  • Your phone activity will also be shown to your trusted contacts so that they know you are safe.
  • It allows you to schedule location alerts for a future time.
  • Google Maps integration is enabled for better, easier location sharing.

My child recently went on a school trip – 3 day trip to a location 300 km away. Using Trusted Contacts, I always knew where she was as long as her data connection was on. When she was in a poor signal zone, I knew her last location/time. The app also showed me the battery level on her phone (and the app definitely didn’t drain the battery)! All we needed was our Google sign-ins.