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Paste by FiftyThree

The Paste app created by FiftyThree (of Paper fame) is a new collaborative tool that can make your slides look rich and beautiful with images, links, videos, pdfs, 3D drawings and charts. It’s a slideshow app you can share with your team instantly. You can now easily create a design or a strategy presentation simple and beautiful all in a matter of seconds with the Paste app.

The app is mobile-friendly and lets you export the visual contents of your presentation into a Keynote or Powerpoint file and you can share the deck with your team via Slack. Your team can interact with your slides as soon as they see and leave their comments or suggestions, giving you instant feedback to work on.

How Paste Works

Paste is an iOS app for the phone and iPad, that helps you to share and discuss your presentations online with your team members. It supplements the Paper app created by FiftyThree. You can create sketches with Paper which can then be dragged and dropped by Paste straight from a notebook into your decks for presentation.

The Paste app allows you to add your videos, photos, and 3D-drawings into decks which are similar to slides in a Powerpoint presentation, format them as per your need and share them. You can also receive comments and feedback on these slides after you share the presentation with your team.

With Paste you can improve team productivity, easily integrate with Slack and create and format on the go.

Bring your team’s ideas into life and minimize time by using Paste to create beautiful and smart decks for your presentations.