Nestaway is a “managed home rental” marketplace. They aim to provide a solution for anyone looking for a home away from home in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune or Noida currently. You can search basis locality, budget and sharing arrangement you want. Nestaway  homes are ZERO brokerage, fully furnished and in a city like Bangalore security deposit is 2 months as against the 10 month norm. Huge advantage! For home owners, they promise verified tenants, easy home management via App, and much higher rental income. Rental covers home & furnishing charges, building maintenance charges, free service visit charges upto INR 500/ month and internet setup charges. Owners get the advantage of higher occupancy, full maintenance and verified tenants for 12.5% of the rent collected. Nest away, started by four NIT graduates, has found homes for over 2000 singles since Jan this year and is a boon for working women in a new city.