Maya The App

Maya is a simple, cute and personal menstrual tracker.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to track your period, monitor your pregnancy and even understand when to consult a doctor, all from your smart phone? Enter, The Maya App. From within the app, you can track the length of your cycle and compare it to earlier ones, make notes of changes you see, and even get intuitive alerts for when you can expect your next period! If you are trying to get pregnant or make sure you don’t, the colour-coded calendar will highlight the fertile days in your cycle too.

You can also make a note of changes you have made to your lifestyle or medication you are one, which can then go on to decide the next period cycle. The best bit, according to Dolphin Dives, is the emotion attached to the app; you can record your mood through the cycle to see what makes you feel better. We’re already saying goodbye to PMS!

Maya screen

Maya The App is available for Android and iOS operating systems and is compatible with all smartphones and most tablets. This app comes with a password protection feature to keep the snoopers out. Their forum is a vibrant community of people asking very honest questions and receiving educative responses in return. Now, this is what we call a period ecosystem.

Don’t miss the vote of confidence from Sheryl Sandberg herself as Maya won App of the Year at the FbStart Apps of the Year Awards.