kahoot app


Homework and fun aren’t exactly an item. Yet students are supposed to enjoy the learning process. And this is precisely what the Kahoot app has set out to do. It allows teachers to create assignments called Kahoots for students to solve on the go, anywhere, anytime. Kahoots can be made fun and be engaging through videos, images, and diagrams. Students can choose to either play the games on their own or with their friends, even use it to challenge their friends; in a classroom, it can be played live. Teachers also get to save time on assignment corrections as everything is instant along with reports on learning progress.

Kahoot helps the teachers by converting learning and homework into a fun activity for their students, and not as a dreaded one. It creates a curiosity and an urge to complete the assignments on time. Kahoot allows for sharing with others which makes it a much more meaningful exercise and encourages peer-to-peer discussion. In a highly connected world, Kahoot is a brilliant example of technology being put to best use. It makes sure that the learning happens as it is supposed to, with a deeper understanding.

You don’t have to play this under a teacher-school setting. All the games created and made public are available to play.The teachers can set an access pin for the schoolwork.

From quizzes on Harry Potter to the Pythagoras Theorem, go check out how much you know!