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HQ Trivia

Live trivia is the latest craze and HQ Trivia is the leader of the pack. Twice a day over 700,000 people from across the world join in to pit their wits and wish cash prizes. The app features a live host running an online trivia game show that rewards you with cash. The game show plays twice every day at 9 PM EST and weekdays at 3 PM EST with a bounty of $2000 usually. Recently a $10,000 prize was at stake and the app saw over 1 million participants log in.

HQ Trivia

The players of the app are presented with multiple choice trivia questions across rounds. A bubbly host takes you through the questions and there’s a live chat to keep the audience interactive. The quiz per se is simple to take part in. Wait for the question and click on the correct answer out of 3 options, within 10 seconds. If you get it right you move on else you get kicked out and you can only ‘watch’ the quiz. Each session has 12 questions ranging from easy to difficult and largely general knowledge and current affairs with a tilt to US names and places. Anyone who hits all 12 correctly shares the prize money so you could walk away with a few cents to thousands of dollars.

The host is continuously talking, keeping the folks logged in engaged and enthused, giving you a feeling of being in a real game show. You can play the game at the time it is hosted every day from anywhere on your iPhone and win prizes. The app will tell you when the next game is scheduled.

With very real cash on offer, HQ Trivia is addictive, with its popularity and fan base rising every day.