Dunzo app


Haven’t all of us wished there was someone who could just do our tasks for us? A personal genie to whom we can pass on our To-Do list of chores and sit back and relax or get back to work. It appears we just got lucky and Dunzo, a better way to get things done is here. Buy food, call a plumber, and do laundry all at once! Let us do the running around for you.

Dunzo aims to keep it simple – create a task and track as it gets done. To-do lists can be created, and it can include multiple tasks. The tasks can be coordinated by chatting with the highly responsive Dunzo team. The on-field squad will even send a picture of the item being picked up or bought so that you can confirm they have it right. Payment is upfront with a single tap.

We had to get a document picked up urgently before leaving for the airport. Requested it at 6:30 am and after a few exchanges on chat, by 9 am the pickup person was en route. A picture of the document envelope was shared for confirmation.

Use Dunzo for routine tasks or the one-off pickup or delivery. Even midnight ice cream runs we are told!