Haptik – your wish is their command

Most of us are living our lives with a phone stuck to one hand but we are definitely doing more typing and less speaking. A phone call almost feels like an intrusion.. why couldn’t they just Sms or Whatsapp or email or this or that? Similarly we also find it easier to get work done by hunting down the relevant website or twitter handle or Facebook page. Who wants to ‘speak’ to a Customer Service rep *shudder*! That’s the insight that the guys at Haptik seem to have captured and taken to a whole new level. “Haptik is an army of … Continue reading Haptik – your wish is their command

Parent Police – Keep Kids viewing Safe

Being a parent is tough. Between the two extremes in the art of parenting today, Helicopter parents seem to have declared a moral victory over the Free-Range parents (or as they called it in the old days – just parents). There seems to be ample justification to endlessly hover around your child endlessly worrying about school, hobbies, classes and such. I mean, how can it not be in the best interest of the child? And how can it not be a critical advantage in this world of spelling bees, Olympiads, 10K runs and Sainas. Inspite of this, the Parent Police … Continue reading Parent Police – Keep Kids viewing Safe